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How can I add more value and forge better connections with wealthy multigenerational families?

Intergenerational Wealth Conversations™ is a comprehensive suite of content for advisors and wealthy families. Many family wealth challenges are born out of inadequate preparation and insufficient communication. The Intergenerational Wealth Conversations™ Program helps advisors better understand how to engage with, educate, and serve as a facilitator of critical conversations to wealthy multigenerational families. The program focuses on three main areas: clarifying wishes and intentions, organizing finances, and defining family money values. It provides insider guides for advisors that include scripts, tutorials, and meeting agendas. There are also companion guides to help clients take action.


Less than half of advisors have a clear strategy to engage the next generation.

70% of family wealth is lost by the second generation

60% of family wealth evaporation is due to a breakdown in family communication

45% of families say wealth is never discussed

75% of advisors say engaging the next generation is a challenge



Program participants will receive the following tools to support their client engagements:

•    Advisor Intergenerational Wealth Conversations Program Guide
•    Advisor Guide to Critical Conversations
•    Client Guide to Choosing Key Roles
•    Advisor Guide to Family Meetings
•    Client Family Meeting Guide
•    Family Organizer
•    Client How-To Guide to the Family Organizer
•    Advisor Guide to Family Money Values and Purpose
•    Client Guide to Money Values and Purpose

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