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How can financial advisors enhance their financial planning skills to better serve and advise aging clients and clients with aging parents?

Can be delivered as a three-part webinar series or a half-day program.  Designed to educate advisors on the financial, health, and emotional aspects of aging, the program provides practical guidance to help advisors better support aging clients and their families.  Advisors who develop protocols for aging clients can create additional revenue opportunities, referrals, and a bridge to their next generation of clients.


Nearly 60% of financial assets are owned by those age 60 or older

86% of advisors say that the issue of aging clients is becoming more important, but only 10% have developed specific protocols to help their clients with longevity issues

Life expectancy in retirement is 20 years or longer



Program participants will receive the following tools to support their client engagements:

•    Advisor Guide to Longevity Planning Conversations
•    Guide to Caregiving
•    The Family Organizer
•    Client Checklist for Warning Signs of Cognitive Impairment
•    Advisor Guide to Senior Specific Policies 
•    Advisor Implementation Guide to Longevity Planning 


What Longevity Planning Program Participants Say

“This coursework was eye-opening. Each session gave me ideas and materials I could use in my practice. I have already begun to establish more multi-generational relationships in my practice as a result.”

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