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Help Junior Advisors Live Up to Your Expectations

Here are four common mistakes that experienced advisors make with new hires and tips to avoid them. Christine Gaze offers insights from Billion plus dollar advisory teams on mentoring junior advisors.

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How Advisers Become Better Bosses

What makes someone a great adviser doesn't necessarily make for a great boss. Effective managers develop a culture of learning. Many top advisory leaders seek out mentors, engage a credentialed coach, and enroll in formal training to fill in knowledge gaps. 

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The Challenge of Becoming a Billion Dollar Adviser 

Christine Gaze highlights the importance of "letting go" to achieve “what is often considered [the] industry brass ring: a billion dollars.”  


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The Next Big Thing In Retirement Advice

Guidance for plan sponsors on how to motivate employees to get beyond their 401(k) inertia. As implementation of features like auto-enrollment and auto-escalation become common, advisers that have dedicated their practice to serving retirement plans are redefining their role.

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How Saavy Financial Advisers Work With Successful Women 

A compelling body of recent research shows that executive women are one of the most important wealth segments that savvy advisers need to keep on their radar.  Christine Gaze highlights two key tactics forward-thinking advisers are using to connect with this growing affluent market.

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5 Tips toBoost Adviser's Productivity

The adviser's most important role and the one that generates the biggest payoff is connecting with clients. If you consider this the core of the circle, the farther an adviser gets from client-related activity, the greater the potential drag on productivity.

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Why Young Advisers Need Mentoring

Christine Gaze on the value of junior associate programs: “The expectation that an advisor should be beating the pavement from Day One is inconsistent with advisors' need for succession planning with the next generation. The typical transition to a successor requires 10 years.”

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How to Successfully Engage Executive Female Clients 

A recent research report from Bank of America U.S. Trust highlighted the growing prowess of executive women, who might just be the most exciting emerging wealth segment. There is a compelling narrative for financial advisers to consider as women are becoming...

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Don't Condecescend to Gen Y Women

Gen Y women grew up with the expectation that they can 'have it all'. They are feeling stressed and exhausted as they try to perform at work and at home. This group, more than any other cohort, appreciates the value of a professional who can synthesize things and apply it in a custom way...

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As ultrawealthy get older, advisory teams try to get younger

Ultrawealthy clients are getting richer and older, upping the pressure on wealth management firms to be ready for one of the biggest intergenerational wealth transfers in history.

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Forecast: Big RIA Trends to Watch

This is a critical time for the industry, with demographic and technological shifts creating tectonic pressures. Christine Gaze offers are a few trends all advisors should follow.

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Time to Hire a Professional?

Getting human capital right is essential for advisors who have their sights set on exceeding $1billion in assets – and absolutely critical if they are at $1billion already.

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37 Smart Ways to Upgrade Your Practice

Industry experts offer tips abound.  Christine Gaze contributes smart tactics to for enhancing advisor practices including: Becoming an Elder Care Resource, Being Known for Something, and Devoting Time and Focus to Coaching.

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Swim Lessons

Don’t throw new advisors into the deep end. Here are a few smarter ways to help them. Christine Gaze explains the undeniable best way to develop young advisors by putting them in a position to flourish is apprenticeship.

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How Advisors Can Stand Out From the Crowd

Christine Gaze, speaking at the Women’s Advisor Forum, shared her observations about what high net worth clients want and need in a post-credit crisis environment. 

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6 Smart Tips From Practice Management Dream Team

Great ideas from a team of practice management experts. Christine Gaze, president of Purpose Consulting Group offers 6 of most interesting suggestions.

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When to Fire a Toxic Client 

Christine Gaze chronicles one advisor's story and highlights the culture-building ramifications to his action.  She concludes with 4 key tactics for sucking the poison out of your practice.

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